Fully glazed system (System 8000i)

Fully glazed system (System 8000i)


  • A range of stocked head and base tracks to meet project demands
  • Integration with SAS Metal Ceiling Systems
  • Range of stocked deflection head tracks provides up to ± 15mm of deflection
  • Provides a seamless integration into drywall, to create a part glazed, part drywall installation
  • Acoustic & fire performance options
  • Offered in a large variety of paint finishes

System 8000i is a fully glazed frameless partitioning system that combines design aesthetics with outstanding performance, it offers the opportunity to create partitioning without vertical mullions to a maximum height of 3000mm.

It is available in both Single Glazed and 105mm Double Glazed.

Fire Performance
•   Up to 60 minutes Integrity and Insulation
•   Can be specified and installed to meet the demands of 30/0, 30/30, 60/0, 60/30 and 60/60
•   Tested and independently certified to BS 476

Acoustic Performance
System 8000i can be specified to a range of acoustic performance characteristics, tested to BS 20140 and, depending on the project, can provide up to 47dB if required.

•   Single Glazed up to 37dB
•   105mm Double Glazed up to 47dB

Strength and Stability
System 8000i can be specified to a range of structural performance characteristics tested to BS 5234 can provide:

•   ‘Medium’ duty
•   ‘Heavy’ duty
•   ‘Severe’ duty

For further details, please contact a member of the technical team.

Typical vertical sections

Fully glazed system (System 8000i)

Glass joint options

Fully glazed system (System 8000i)


Acoustic and Fire Performance Summary

Structural Performance
System 8000i SG
Up to ±25mm Up to 37dB Up to FD60/60 Up to 'severe' duty
System 8000i DG Up to ±25mm Up to 47dB Up to FD60/60 Up to 'severe' duty

A range of construction materials and builds can provide different fire performance levels, including 30/0, 30/30, 60/0, 60/30 and 60/60. The information and sections shown are indicative of standard non-performance systems. A further range of sections manufactured from timber and steel is available, depending on performance requirements. For further information, please contact a member of the technical team.

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